We are passionate about bridging the knowledge gap between Main Contractors & Subcontractors.

At REV Consultants we are passionate about helping to bridge the knowledge gap between Main Contractors & Subcontractors regarding construction tenders.

This knowledge gap can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings & issues over the course of a project!

Tender documents can be a minefield, even for trained Quantity Surveyors and Engineers like us.

And often the information around tendering, estimating, contracts, etc. is wrapped up in legal and technical jargon.

This can make it difficult to understand if you don't have a construction professional background.

We have found that through simple & clear instruction and templates we can give our clients the key pieces of knowledge they need to tender effectively.

We offer

Get Ready to Tender! 

Get Ready to Tender! is a six month group coaching programme with all the knowledge, tools and templates you need to win more tenders at your target profit.  

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Pipeline Programme

Implement our proven systems and templates through our Pipeline Programme. Get complete access to our curriculum and weekly group mentoring calls as support.

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Tender Partnership Programme

Fancy having a couple of tendering experts in your back pocket? Six months of 1:1 tender training with Rickie and Eve to transform your tendering. Ready to win?  

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The Key Areas We Help With.


Finding Opportunities & Stepping Up Your Game

  • What you can do to find new commercial opportunities
  • What you need to do to look good in the eye’s of clients


Understanding Tender Docs & Deciding What to Go For

  • Being selective on the opportunities you choose to go for and increasing your win rate
  • What each tender document contains, and how to quickly extract the important information from the documents you need to tender with


Implementing a Tender Process

  • Creating and implementing a tender process that is suited to your company, gives you back time, and simplifies the whole process ensuring a quality submission.


Price & Programme for Profit

  • How to create a tender programme
  • How to price commercial jobs effectively and reduce pricing risk (I create a bespoke pricing document for each of my clients), ensuring you account properly for risk and your overheads and what profit to include


The Tender Submission

  • What you should submit to the client
  • How to make your company stand out from your competitors
  • How to gain the trust of the client before they have worked with you, and put your self in preferred contractor territory even before prices come in
  • I provide all the tender templates that you’ll ever need, bespoke for your company and works.


Contracts & Final Negotiations

  • Understanding the contract and the important information in it
  • How to review the contract and understand your contractual obligations, including what you need to allow for in your price as a result

We teach our clients how to

Review tender opportunities quickly

Make sound decisions about which tenders to go for

Create a simple programme

Price for risk,
overheads & profit

Understand the contract